Lifford & Strabane River Regeneration


In 2007 with Mouchel and the PEACE III EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation 2007-2013 we developed the Riverine Project forms the vital links facilitating the exchange and sharing of the sport and leisure facilities between Lifford and Strabane.

The new spaces and routes created make room for memories and experiences to be witnessed, recorded or interpreted creatively through artworks, text pieces, light forms and the future Dialogical Processes of groups working together. This is vital part of the reconcilation process.


The project aims to                                                

  • Light and paving treatment connects the Diamond to the promenade, highlights the links between Lifford town centre and promenade and enourages phisical connections to be made with Strabane.

  • Potential riverfront development sites establish active frontages for secure, adoptable, economically viable and accessible public.

  • New bridge connects promenade with old rail route. This is a pedestrian friendly river crossing, peaceful and enjoyable.                                           
  • Promenade is both a route and public space sheltered seating areas and sculptural play objects balance the needs of all groups and create informal social spaces.                                                                                
  • Old rail route is recreated as a linear park a magical enclosed space - a repository for local memory and history. This green routes extended the local biodiversity.                                                                                      
  • Cantilevered viewing platforms create resting and viewing points and allow children and other users access to the water.                                    
  • Boulevard; trees planting, lighting, realignment, parking and paving treatment encourages active pedestrian and cycle use for all age groups.                                                                                                        
  • River lighting features define the waters edge and enliven the night-scape for a positive welcoming view.